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  Master teacher Bruce Moran has over twenty years of study, research and practice in Western and Eastern philosophy with its associated art forms and health methods. Mr. Moran provides a thorough and practical view of understanding the relation of Eastern and Western health preventive maintenance programs with associated philosophy. In the health support and educational services area, he works with programmers, doctors, herbalists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other related health professionals. He is the recipient of the 1988 CAN festival Silver Award for his video on Tai Chi Tao.

Look at the balance point between spiritual selflessness and
Self-responsibility in all aspects of your life. (I-Ching)

Decrease the burden of the mind.
Increase the unity of body, mind and spirit. (Laotzu)

As a professional trainer, Mr. Moran's emphasis is directed toward helping individuals realize their potential. By acting as a catalyst with the various associated disciplines, he brings together an in-depth understanding of the basic principles which help individuals learn focusing, self-control and self-confidence in the most relaxed and natural manner. His consulting practice has been conducted with a wide range of individuals and groups, including the Chicago Board of Trade Option Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange traders, amateur and college athletes, professional dancers, university professors, health care professionals and business executives.