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  Master teacher Bruce Moran has over twenty-seven years of study, research and practice in Western and Eastern philosophy with its associated art forms and health methods. Mr. Moran provides a thorough and practical view of understanding the relation of Eastern and Western health preventive maintenance programs with associated philosophy. In the health support and educational services area, he works with University professors, doctors, herbalists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other related health professionals. He is the recipient of the 1988 CAN festival Silver Award for his video on Tai Chi Tao. With his Neurological Adaptive Recovery Of Muscles system {NAROM], he has developed and designed an synergistic array of unique sports injury and trauma recovery techniques.

Look at the balance point between spiritual selflessness and Self-responsibility in all aspects of your life. (I-Ching)

Decrease the burden of the mind. Increase the unity of body, mind and spirit. (Laotzu)

As a consultant like his master teachers and mentors before him, Master teacher Bruce Moran lays out universal principles for self-responsibility in Strategic Planning Initiatives used in critical decision making. The universal principles provide the decision maker a synergistic viewpoint to the spiritual, social, political, business - economic, health and cultural dimensions of the human condition. The universal principles are a means to set in place a cohesive foundation to strategically improve tactical decisions so logistical operations are clearly understood, carried forward and implemented. This cohesive foundation allows the decision maker to properly focus on paradigm shifts. Our daily normative and collective thinking has made paradigm shifting most difficult. Likewise, these paradigm shifts differ from problem solving. The decision maker does not create and find a problem to justify or solve it. Indepth critical analysis is afforded the decision maker so directional finding tools assist in making sound,

germane and practical observations and determinations. These directional finding tools are housed in the classical liberal educational methods coupled with the Ancient teachings taught by Bruce Moran’s master teachers and mentors before him where compassion with proper reflection gave key insights into the human condition. Consequently, the directional finding tools are a means to discover and bring forward effective and comprehensive multidimensional reasoning methods for formulating a decision in contemporary settings.

“We wish to overcome not opponents, but nature, and to achieve not well turned, convincing theories, but sure demonstratable instances, not to invent probabilities, but art and accomplishment..” Paolo Rossi. Frances Bacon, From Magic to Science

As a professional trainer, teacher and lecturer, Mr. Moran's emphasis is directed toward helping individuals realize their potential. By acting as a catalyst with the various associated educational and training disciplines set in the classical liberal tradition of the East and West, he brings together an in-depth understanding of the basic principles which help individuals learn focusing, self-control and self-confidence in the most relaxed and natural manner. From this base of training, multidimensional decision making ensues giving an individual a better sense of purpose, a clear determined vision , and an open thinking process where cause and effect relations become most apparent limiting exposure to various problems and risks. His consulting and teachings practice has been conducted with a wide range of individuals and groups including the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange traders, amateur and college athletes, professional dancers, university professors, health care professionals and a vast array of business and key executive decision makers in non-government and government organizations.

His current research work in 2004 conducted at Michael Reese Hospital with Dr. Ken Nelson & Dr. Tom Glonek PHD. consisted of:

Initial Study Question: An initial prototype study at Michael Reese Hospital (Chicago) has been conducted with laser dopler flowmetry to determine what window of study exists that will evidence ‘the increase of power within the body’s regulating system, and how this increase of power within the regulating system is maintained, supported, augmented or upregulated.’ This study question is in the process of being prepared to be presented to the National Institute of Health (NIH) as it can have far reaching implications that supports the basis of complimentary and alternative medicine claims about what is commonly called in Asian medicine circles ‘chi.’ What we know:

  • Chi exists but is elusive and has not been measured
  • The frequency of the Traube - Hering - Mayer (THM) oscillation appears to coincide with the internal rhythms followed when practicing Tai Chi and Chi-Kung
  • Tai chi and Chi - Kung up-regulates the THM
  • This is probably beneficial to cardiovascular health
Historical Scientific background (excerpts from Dr. Kenneth Nelson’s Article, The Primary Respiratory Mechanism, 2002:

“In 1865, Traube reported the measurement of the fluctuation in pulse pressure with the frequency of respiration that persisted after respiration had been arrested. In 1869, Hering confirmed Traube’s discovery... In 1876, Mayer identified a similar, but slower rate, oscillation. Collectively, these phenomena are now known as the Traube- Hering - Mayer (THM) oscillation. Components of the THM oscillation have been measured in association with blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac contraction, pulmonary blood flow, cerebral blood flow and movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, and the peripheral blood flow including venous volume and body temperature regulation.”

In scientific terms, this is the measurement of the synergistic mechanism [function] of the body through the Traube - Hering -Mayer (THM) oscillation which is 6- 9 cycles per minute or falls within 0.100 - 0.150 Hz. Mechanism being the structure or mutual adaptation of part of a machine, or anything comparable to a machine whether it be comparable or immaterial. It is important to note the Traube - Hering - Mayer is component manifestation of the mechanism. It is a component manifestation of the mechanism, and as is, as is the mitochondrial cytochrome red-ox oscillation identified by Vern et al., a window through which we may peer to study and elucidate the CHI. What appears to be evident from this initial study is there is an increase in the power of the Baro reflex in which there is better control of the heart and blood pressure when the individual maintains, supports, augments or upregulates in the 6- 9 cycles per minute or 0.100 - 0.150 Hz. range.

Bridging the gap between allopathic medicine and complementary medicine now begins with a foundation of valid research studies.

Where we stand today: We now find the new medical instrumentation, available to read the various subtle changes in allopathic medicine studies, was not understood as to be able to read the ‘chi’ as with the THM oscillation. As certain questions remained as to how and why the Chi works, we can now take a scientific step to discover how ‘chi’ manifests itself as part of a component system via THM. By studying how individuals are able to upregulate chi to function within the range of 0.100-0.150 Hz., the way will be open for people to be trained so they can change (upregulate) their chi when it is needed.Through understanding how ‘chi’ manifests as part of a component system in individuals who can upregulate it -- discoveries can go forward in other areas of Asian medicine as to how it plays a larger part in the healing process. The THM oscillation will be the step to take us forward toward this initial discovery.

National Certification Commission For Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

In NCCAOM layman’s terms, once people are trained to feel the energy ‘chi’, they can change [upregulate] which can now be verified through various types of rigorous scientific investigations. This ‘upregulation’ process in Traditional

Chinese Medicine Internal art terms is called one’s internal ‘energy’ cultivation process. As one learns to sense and feel the ‘energy,’ they can consciously bring it within 6 - 9 cycles per minute or 0.100 - 0.150 Hz range. Cultivating the ‘chi’ keeps one attuned to sensing this internal energy. It now appears to have significant value in health maintenance and quite possible longevity as the Master Teachers had taught, studied and fervently practiced.

As a person gets older, the energy rhythm decreases and tai chi, Chi Kung, internal workouts actually appears to increase it. This translates over into moving in sync with your internal rhythm and by virtue of the various inputs, like Tai Chi movement, Chi Kung, Asian bodywork, acupuncture, acupressure as well as the therapist and client energy exchanges, upregulation occurs. We believe it can become more evident when both the client/patient and therapist/doctor can simultaneously maintain, support, augment and upregulate within this 6 - 9 cycles per minute or 0.100 - 0.150 Hz range.

Hence, the value of the therapy [through future extensive scientific investigation] can then support the basic claims that most doctors, therapists and clients hear amongst themselves:

  • There was a significant change in how I feel
  • You really did a good job in eliminating my stress
  • All that tension just went right out of my body
  • My energy is now balanced. All that negative energy is gone
  • I really feel focused, centered and calm now
  • I could feel myself relax when you touch me there or stuck a needle there
  • The pain when you first touched me there was very intense, I could feel it dissipate, now the pain is all gone
  • I can feel the heat transfer from your body to mine
  • I can feel my body warm up now that I am relaxed

If one were to ask the question of what this means to the health profession, it will help significantly validate through further extensive scientific investigative studies both quantitatively and qualitatively how Traditional Chinese Medicine, other Asian modalities and complimentary medicine practices have been effectively practiced for over 2,000 years.

In conclusion, we are at the very beginning of a new era of scientific investigation. We can now start to understand the greater wisdom of our ancient master teachers who not only intuitively knew what therapeutic value of the internal ‘sense and feeling’ healing dimension was being given to a client/patient, but how they, the master teachers, worked internally, with inside themselves, and with their clients to give diagnostic assessments and follow up treatments which helps bridge the gaps between the art and the science.

  • Former Faculty member of Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine
  • Member of the Association Of Bodyworkers Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)
  • Member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Charter member of the Interdisciplinary Health, Education & Associated Services chapter of the American Coalition of Independent Educational Services
  • Certified trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Tui na certified, China National Olympic Medical Department (Beijing)
  • Nuad Bo Rarn Certified Instructor: International School of Thai Massage (Thailand)
  • Certified instructor: Association of Bodyworker Therapies of Asia
  • National Certification Commission For Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine: Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Therapy